i heart elmo

my gf ♡♡♡♡

hehe siapa dia ni ? haha she is my special girlfriend ever . her name is NUR ATHIRAH IZYAN . semua orang panggil dia tyra . hee tyra sorry kalau lia salah eja nama tyra . hmm tyra you know what babe , hmm i dont know why i feel u are the most special between my legfs . hee love you very much dear . bila lia onl mesti lia stalk awak sayang . hmm awak lia mintak maaf sebab takde time awak perlukan . hmm lia ni janji je lebih dkt awak tp . hmm sorry tyra sayang . tapi ingat tau tyra i love , miss and care bout you more than what you think . ♡♡♡

see when she was child . hehe she look very cute right . awhh her face is not change until now . still the same . ♡♡
she look pretty and gojess when she happy . she also love to make annoyed , cute and serious face . hahaha i love to see her picture . her picture can make me smile u know . haha
and pleasee ! please and please . DONT MAKE SHE CRY AND SAD LIKE THIS AGAIN . PLEASE I DONT WANT SHE FEEL BAD LIKE THIS . I WANT TO SEE SHE HAPPY LIKE BEFORE . PLEASE IF YOU WANT MAKE SHE CRY LIKE THIS AGAIN , PLEASE MEET ME FIRST , IF YOU DARE TO DO THIS TO HER , HAR HAR HAR . JUST WAIT AND SEE GUYS . :**                                                                                                                                                                                                                           p/s ; please jaga dia untuk aku bila aku takde time dia perlukan aku . please jangan buat dia sedih . hmm lia tak mampu jaga dia selamanya , hmm jaga kan dia tauu :** love tyraa ♡♡♡


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